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OK, this looks like the peak year for Point-and-click adventures, after that they slowly dried up until they were forgotten, until reawakened in more modern times. All the games like Collosal Cave Adventures, Mystery House, Zork and Zac McKracken in the end resulted in what was delivered that year. Peak also means, that this year contains some of the greatest adventure games of all times: Return to Zork, Day of the Tentacle, The 7th Guest, Sam&Max Hit the Road and Myst. If you like adventures, treat yourself with playing them. As an adventure fan myself, my most beloved games from this year are the mentioned Return to Zork and Day of the Tentacle.

SimCity 2000 is the refinement of the play principle of SimCity. As far as I can see it is the only major expansion of the original SimCity idea. It added elevation and water management. It also refined all the other systems. As far as I can see the series stagnated from here on out. Even Cities Skylines is from gameplay basically exactly like SimCity 2000 (obviously with more modern graphics).

Master of Orion further deepened the legendary studio Microprose. It is another 4X game like Civilization, but brought the principle to space. I didn't play it back in the day, I should give it a proper try one of these days. In any case I know it's impact on the genre.

And finally we come to Doom, the game that made the 1st person shooter popular. It is a refinement of Wolf3D the year before, much more fast paced and technologically advanced. Of the games here it has the most impact, as the genre exploded after the blueprint id software delivered with this game.

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