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mZuzek said:

Also, hate to add more work into this, but there's also the thread I made celebrating 10 years of the event, I really hope we could get that one back too. Here

Oh, I forgot about that.

Bandorr said:

I didn't create the edit system. So I can't speak to it 100%. 

When you make a post - it isn't added to the edit table.  We will call the original post A)

When you edit that post (We will call this B)  A gets added to table. B is your main post, A is in the edit.

So if you make a blank post (That's A). Then edit it (With B). A gets added to the "edit table". B does not.  You'd have to have edited B for it to be added to the table.

Sorry to hear it is that complicated to restore stuff. And a lot of thanks to you and Ryuu to put in the work. I really like the greatest game event, so having the complete history of results back feels important. But I wasn't aware it is that much work involved. I kinda thought the posts are still there, you need the right ID to get to them. Didn't know that the last edit was completely lost. Thanks for the work you put in!

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10 years greatest game event!

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