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#20Fire Emblem Awakening
guessed byThe_Liquid_Laser
release year2012
developer/publisherIntelligent Systems/Nintendo
genreturn based tactics
past years2020: #20, 2019: #20, 2018: #21, 2017: #4

Awakening is one of the reasons why the 3DS is a fantastic system. I like tactics titles and therefore I like Fire Emblem, and Awakening surely is a great Fire Emblem title. Probably a reason why Sakurai included a whole bunch of characters from this games in Smash.

Awakening follows the story of Chrom and his warriors as they fight against the quite of bunch of problems cropping up over time. Your characters becomes their tactician as you control the whole team on the battlefield. The story stretches over multiple years, but also includes the time traveling children of the characters you play, as they come back in time to avoid the dark future.

The game has the tactics gameplay the series is known for and works the formula well. You have some specialties through the teamups. The presentation is pretty good and still helps to keep a good overview of the battle (which is in my opinion very important for this kind of tactical gameplay).

As this game was a very successful title it helped to bring the series more into the spotlight.

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