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#21 Fire Emblem Awakening
guessed by Mr.GameCrazy
platform 3DS
release year 2012
developer/publisher Intelligent Systems/Nintendo
genre turn-based tactical role-playing
links Wikipedia
last year  #4

The Fire Emblem series works very well to satisfy my tactical fight need. Awakening was great in many regards: it had a lot of content, interesting story and a great presentation. I liked it very much, and seemingly I wasn't alone with that, because Awakening brought Fire Emblem in a new class of sales, basically doubling the sales of every previous entry.

This game and many others coming to my TOP 50 are the reason I have the 3DS in so high regard. It is was my most beloved dedicated gaming device, although Switch is getting to that title very fast.

Last edited by Mnementh - on 16 December 2018

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