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#32The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
guessed byTruckOSaurus
release year2000
genreaction adventure
past years2020: #31, 2019: #27, 2018: #23, 2017: #18

Well, technically I played Majora's Mask 3D. I never played the original, as back then I didn't play on console. Nevertheless, this is a great game. It is very unique among the Zelda games, as it has a very different, much darker, but also much stranger atmosphere. And I like that.

The basic gameplay as you are used from Zelda. You whack monsters, solve puzzles or problems, find items and finally beat the end-boss. But this game mixes up the formula quite a bit. You only have three days, but with your Ocarina you can turn back time. The NPCs have schedules and certain events happen at the same time, so you can affect these events if you turn back time and wait for the right moment. Also you have masks which help you transform into different forms.

The story is different to most Zelda games. Link gets to Termina, a land which is in the process of getting destroyed by the falling moon. Link has three days to void that from happening. The Ocarina of time helps him turn back time to achieve that feat.

Overall this is a great experience and therefore one of the best Zelda games (which are mostly all great). The 3DS-versions has many upgrades over the original, not only graphically, so this is the version to go if you wanna experience it today.

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