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#23 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
guessed by Landale_Star
platform 3DS
release year 2000
developer/publisher Nintendo
genre action adventure
links Wikipedia
last year  #18

Majora's Mask feels different than other Zelda games. It has most of the usual Zelda-mechanics, but it employs a somewhat darker but also quirky style. The story is different to most Zelda games. Link gets to Termina, a land which is in the process of getting destroyed by the falling moon. Link has three days to void that from happening. The Ocarina of time helps him turn back time to achieve that feat.

I never played the original, but first the remaster on the 3DS. And it is just lovely, despite the age. I think it stands it's own against more prominent Zelda titles.

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