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Mnementh said:

Some more hints.

a) Dwarfs and elves on a hexfield.
b) Win with fewer turns to have more gold for the next level.
c) The game gets updates and additional content for over a decade now.
d) Control your armies one turn at a time.
e) Fight in a Tale of two brothers Under the burning Suns for The heir to the throne.
f) The Battle for ...

#25: Guessed by The_Liquid_Laser: Starcraft/Broodwar

a) Control a red blob.
b) Eat PCB (printed circuit board).
c) Explode floppy disks.

a) Doubles the amount of fairies compared to the direct predecessor.
b) Your main enemy is in this part not a reborn evil, but just a kid which plays pranks getting into something dark.

a) Gameplay switches between real-time strategy building up your bases and turn-based fights.

#23 Majora's Mask