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#41Monster Hunter Rise
guessed bySupermario28
release year2021
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I do enjoy my Monster Hunting from time to time and therefore I was in with a new title. I was fearing that Capcom was too much into mainstreaming the game, because a lot of what I liked about the series was actually things that made it different from other action games and usually stuff people hate. But Capcom found a good middle ground to cut off useless stuff while maintaining the major draws of the series. So I enjoyed my time with the game.

I am usually not too focused on graphics, but I have to say what Capcom here did on the Switch hardware is bordering on a miracle. It seems they have a good grasp how to make excellent graphics even on limited systems, because that seems to happen more often, I remember for instance Resident Evil Revelations. But I digress. Besides the graphics Capcom introduced new mobility, verticality and kept some new stuff from MonHun World like endemic life. All these changes are pretty good. Especially the Palamutes are excellent in every regard, I really love that. Wall runs feel great and are tied in well in the existing system of endurance.

The monsters are the stars of the series though and the main content, and Rise is no different. It brought back some good classics, like my beloved Arzuros, but also new monsters. I especially love the flagship Magnamalo. Just listen his battle theme. Looks and effects, the fight with Magnamalo is always so enjoyable. The hub Kamura village is beautiful.

I also have to mention the level design. Capcom did not add the verticality just as a gimmick, the different areas now have a lot to discover using your new abilities. This is very enjoyable, as a lot of more or less secret locations can be found and reward you with different stuff.

The only part I did not like about the game are the new Rampage quests. These feel like a break to the normal gameplay. Instead you play some sort of tower defense and your normal gameplay is for the most part useless. This feels forced and breaks the flow. But luckily these quests are for the most part optional, so you get through with what you have to do and ignore it otherwise.

I really like the direction the series takes with this new entry, and with Sunbreak arriving next year there will be more to play. If I could make a wish, I would like a remake of MonHun Tri with the new mobility (Palamute) and continuous areas, but not with the Wirebug, as the old levels wouldn't work with it. But maybe it partly is, as some areas of Rise obviously took inspiration from Tri.

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