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Mnementh said:

#41: The newest entry in this long-running franchise adds a lot of mobility. This includes more verticality, which also is reflected in the name.

Monster Hunter Rise?

S.Peelman said:

Extra hint for #42 and first hint for #41. 

#43: Perhaps a hard game to guess and make hints for, but a certain console maker used to make a series of sports games of which the first word (though there's also a game with this first word that's not a sports game) was always the same. This game has something to do with yellow balls. Virtua Tennis - Guessed by Zippy6

#42: Your callsign seems to assume you're still a rookie, even though you've already been a pilot in a serious adventure in the previous game.

Hint 2: I think that's why there's a level where you have to listen to you instructor, follow [his] lead and do as [he] says.

#41: This game introduced many new technical features, including multiple floors and the ability to look and shoot up or down.

#41 Doom?

#42 Doom Eternal?