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#45Child of Light
guessed byDarashiva
release year2014
genreturn-based RPG
past years2020: #32, 2019: #37, 2018: #32

If thinking about beautiful games, Child of Light is without a doubt among the first games that come to my mind. Realized with the UbiArt-engine used for Rayman Legends this games realizes playing in an watercolor-image. If you look at it in animation, Auroras hair is always flowing, which looks incredible. Also it is connected of the story of the flood. But it is all, the characters, the environments that are beatifully realized.

The story is about a girl named Aurora, who wakes up after an illness (and possibly death) in the magical land Lemuria, which is itself in trouble. As she is searching for a way back to her father, she is helping different people around the land and earning their friendship. After all it is a story about growing up emotionally, nicely fitting to the RPG-mechanic of leveling up.

Fighting is done in a turn-based matter, which uses relatively modern mechanics in turn-based RPG-fights. Level-Up is kept simple with an ability chosen from three alternative paths. Each character has it's own unique abilities, which keeps fighting interesting and to defeat some enemies you need the differing abilities.

Outside of fights the game features light platforming and puzzle elements. Story is progressed mostly by dialogue, which is presented often in rhyme.

This heartwarming game about friendship and personal growth on challenges is something everyone should've tried. It is not a particularly long or deep game, but it is beautiful a just a nice game overall.

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