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curl-6 said:

It's always been remarkable to me, the hate and denial that Nintendo's success inevitably generates. I mean, I don't much care for most Playstation systems but I can't say I've ever felt the need to go out of my way to bash it, hate on its fans, or constantly forecast wishful prophecies of doom. It must be an unpleasant feeling to feel threatened by a product you don't use and which doesn't materially affect your life in any way.

Yeah, it is funny. I remember the weekly sales threads in 2017 practically always had a few posts, gushing about how the four year old PS4 outsold the brand new Switch. As if we never discussed video game hardware sales on this site and the concept of a peak is totally new to us. How often do people say these days: "Look, how the four year old Switch outsells the brand new PS5!" It seems other fanbases don't feel the need to belttle the success of Playstation as often.

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