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So, I am wondering. Last year Switch sales exploded in Japan on the release of Animal Crossing. Is Monster Hunter Rise able to pull a similar increase in Switch sales? What do you think?

I make a bet thread out of this. You can bet that Switch will sell more or that it will sell less. I use Famitsu data as we get it.

As reference, on Animal Crossing launch week, the Switch sold 392,576 units (selling 1.88 million units of Animal Crossing that same week). That is an incredible number. But Monster Hunter also is pretty popular in japan, and the baseline of Switch is currently higher to begin with. Past MOnster Hunter titles pushed their respective hardware too. Monster Hunter World gave PS4 a +183% boost to 139,067 units (while the game sold 1.36 million units that week). Monster Hunter 4 gave the 3DS a +259% boost to 284,331 units (the game sold 1.78 million units).

There also was visible stock limitation for Switch in the last weeks, so you can assume that there is a general stock problem or the retailers hold back units for MonHun release. Or both.

So a lot of factors to consider, please place your bets!

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