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m0ney said:
SvennoJ said:

Anyway my personal top sci-fi atm is
Blade runner, 12 Monkeys, Children of Men, T2, Akira, Undiscovered Country, Alien, Wrath of Khan, Dark city, Moon, The Matrix, Interstellar, Gattaca, Brazil, 2001, Inception, AI, Strange Days
Mostly ordered by how much I would want to watch them again. Inception has fallen the most in my list. It was pretty tedious when watching again tbh. Star Wars I've seen too much to feel like watching again atm :) The matrix drops a few places every time I watch it :/

Gattaca and Brazil are among my favorites too.

I haven't seen Matrix in many years, it doesn't have anymore rewatching value for me personally.

If we have come to sci-fi discussion, I would recommend to everyone a really underrated one - Pandorum (2009), it is one of the coolest and shocking ones I have ever seen but like most lower budget movies it went under the radar.

Pandorum was a nice surprise, when I watched it years after release. Surprising also as I am not used to such good german movies.

And if you like Sci-Fi you have not too much big budget movies to choose from, as most producers see at as niche and don't allocate a lot of money.

Also, the list of SvennoJ is very comprehensive for great SF-movies to watch, but misses the original Ghost in the Shell.

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