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RolStoppable said:

Simple question to close out the year 2020: How has it been as a gaming year for you? To be more specific, this question is about products that released during 2020 (games, consoles, accessories), so if you've played good games that were released before 2020, don't factor them into your answer.


Bonus question: Which 2020 releases have been your favorites? This question isn't limited to a single game, so you can give a nod to everything that stood out positively in your opinion.

OK, I think. I don't have enough time to play all games anyways, so the releases were more than enough (and I have a big back catalog). I want to feature a few games that released this year though.

Spiritfarer was a great game with the right mood at the right time. I think a pretty great choice to play in a Pandemic.

Age of Calamity is a great successor to the original Hyrule Warriors. I would say it is a bit less a mindless hack&slay the first game was and needs a bit more involvement on the players side.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is without a question a really fun game. It is kinda a mix between Assassins Creed, Breath of the Wild and Kid Icarus Uprising, taking different elements of each of the three games and makes them to a very enjoyable game overall. I think I like it more than the standard Assassins Creed formula. But I am biased, as I love ancient greek mythology.

And the best for me is Baldur's Gate III. This is an unexpected sequel after many years and the original studio Black Isle no longer in existance, but it works great in preserving great elements while developing upon them further to modernize the experience. If you avoid save-scumming and takethe result of rolls, each started game can go differently. And you have so many options in fights, that it never ends up being the same. And the game is still only in early access and incomplete and already good.

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