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#24 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
guessed by Jpcc86
platform Wii
release year 2007
developer/publisher Intelligent Systems/Nintendo
genre turn based tactics
links Wikipedia
past years 2019: #23, 2018: #19, 2017: #19

Radiant Dawn was my first contact with the Fire Emblem series. And it did quite impress me. It was challenging but fair, was nice on the eyes and had a compelling story with interesting characters. I went on to play more Fire Emblem titles, as turn-based tactics happens to be a genre I like very much (as more entries in my TOP 50 prove). But as this was the first contact, it left an impression and I still think this is a great title in the series.

This game was the direct sequel to the Gamecube entry Path of Radiance and followed the events of that game. I really do like a lot of the tactical options, like height or the ability to shapeshift of some units. The game is quite hard, it is needed to keep the characters you use leveled.

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