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guessed byJpcc86
release year2015
developer/publisherLeague of Geeks
genreturn-based board game
past years2019: #31, 2018: #37

Armello is a nice little indie surprise. In it's core it is a board game which look like it could work without a computer at all. But with a computer it is all a lot nicer. You move your figure over the hex-tiled randomly generated map of the kingdom and try to solve quests, defeat banes and your competitors, find gold and useful items and ultimately challenge the king.

The plot is simple: the king is corrupted by the rot and four clans compete to take over the crown. There are four ways to win: cleanse the rot with spirit stones, become corrupted by rot yourself but stronger than the king and defeat him in a rot duel (this is actually quite challenging because of the rules for rot), defeat the king in a normal fight or if none of the players manages one of the above conditions until the king dies, the player with the highest prestige wins.

The game is quite challenging, you often have to think about the best course of action. Also everything is pretty well tuned, every card, every quest, everything matters, it is not that you can concentrate on one thing as it outshines everything else.

The game is out on pretty much every platform. It also has gotten some DLC extensions, which expand the fun. Give it a try.

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