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vivster said:

Germany got twice as many cases between Oct 1st and Nov 1st than it had in the period between May 1st and Oct 1st. That's just pathetic. And all while peddling that bullshit about "Oh but now we're so much better equipped to handle it and less people will die because of it." Yeah, those record numbers of dead people would disagree if they weren't killed by corrupt and apathetic losers.

Turns out massively inflated numbers of cases also means inflated number of deaths, go figure, asshole.

What really pisses me off is that we had time over summer to prepare. But going into the second wave it looks like no real considerations and preparations were done. It is up to the local health authorities mostly. And they are massively understaffed for this crisis.

Currently we don't have enough materials for testing, so criteria for who gets tested is tightened. Which doesn't help to find chains of infections.

EDIT: We germans don't need Trump to fuck up stuff for us.

Last edited by Mnementh - on 19 November 2020

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