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RolStoppable said:
Mnementh said:

I currently feel germany is the country of ignorant snobs and dumbasses. We could've learned from other countries and we somehow managed to get through first wave OKish. But now we mess up. Numbers are high but germany can't decide on decisive measures.

Best of all: our minister of health Jens Spahn is infected. He sent a list of possible contacts to the local health authority, but didn't phone them themself, including a restaurant he visited. Some other visitor of the restaurant on the table besides them learned of the infection of the minister from media - and tested positive. They never got a call to test themself from anyone. Minister and local health authority both claim they did what they were legally bound to do - which is true. But only shows, that contact tracing in germany isn't working.

We had months to prepare for the second wave. But as we germans are arrogant buffoons, we did nothign as we believed we would be better than anyone else. I am currently so pissed about my nationality. We don't need Trump to fuck up.

Good to know that you now view Germany in the same way the rest of Europe does.

I never had the best view of my home country. But so far I didn't believe we are collectively stupid. That I am wrong on this shows my own stupidity.

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