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Last time I was in cinema, was back in february at the Berlinale movie festival. I used to go a lot to movie theatres, but that reduced in the last years, mostly because most blockbusters got more and more boring in my opinion and only attended movie festivals: Berlinale and FantasyFilmFest in my area. Back in february I got ill while the festival was ongoing (not covid) and actually gave away the last of my tickets to a friend, as I stayed home. So I was on vacation to fully enjoy the movie festival, went to being ill and stayed home for that and then I recovered we had homeoffice in the job.

Anyways, I decided that movie theatres are too risky at the moment and stayed away for the time being.

Covid might very well the death blow to most movie theatres. They weren't in great shape before. TV had reduced cinema a lot some decades back, but cinema had survived on a smaller scale. But streaming had recently begun to eat into their market too. Now with COVID it might very well be over. Maybe we will see a comeback of open air theatres though.

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