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padib said:
hinch said:

Well since they don't have PSVita competing for the lions share as well. Sales for Switch will be up as it is a combination device (home console and portable). I would just say it will be a small decline from last gen as it seems to be trending.

Also don't forget that we might have more SE games which can push console numbers up since they've mostly switched to UE4/5 for game development.

Could be, but gamers found a home for DQ in Nintendo consoles. In general, I haven't seen FF really make a big difference in the success of PS in japan like it once did.

I personally wouldn't bet too much on SE. Rather if I were Sony, I would get MH exclusive again, among other franchises that are popular in Japan.

MonHun did a lot for PS4 in Japan and for a while I thought PS4 might finally look better than PS3. But the boost was temporary. But the MonHun boost clearly shows what the PS5 needs to be a more successful console in the japanese market: more of the japanese game franchises.

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