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OTBWY said:
Mnementh said:

I agree that there are bad things in China. But I disagree that these can be solved by conflict. On the contrary.

And life for the normal people in China got better. They would disagree with you. Their life in the 80s was much worse than it is today. So if the US implements sanctions or increases military pressure it will negatively affect the life of normal chinese citizens. And they will in this case not blame their government, but yours.

I am not so sure about that. There are a couple of things that I want to note here. The people in China say what the CCP wants them to say. It is not a free state, so there is no way of knowing how content they are with the status quo. Besides, you're talking about improvement to their lives, but even there we don't know. CCP for example claims that there is no poverty in China, how? They lowered the poverty level to 4 dollars a week. There is huge corruption there, public humiliations, punishments for things that go against party lines like watching porn, bad food hygiene, big child kidnapping numbers, violence against foreigners, horrible working conditions, bad healthcare and reliance on bogus Chinese medicine. The list goes on and on of the problems in that country. And if you ask me what a good example is, I'd say go look at Taiwan. Another Chinese country (in practice) that doesn't have those issues.

No, I definitely think that there is no other way but to sanction that country in order to topple that party. Same goes with Russia with Putin. I think appeasing them will not change anything, better yet I think it will only get worse.

I agree that current day China has many problems. Yet I don't think sanction, military pressure or exclusion from trade agreements is helping.

To put another point of view at it: I met multiple chinese students that were studying in the west while I was at the university. They were at times critical of their government, because outside of China they had not to fear repressions. But also because exposure to western style of life and western media changed their point of view. A point of view they took back to China. I bet, that student exchange does a lot more to change societies than sanctions do. It takes time, yes. But it works much better.

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