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sethnintendo said:
Mnementh said:

Did I say, that everything is fine? No, I wrote it in the text you quoted. But I said things got better for most of the people. Are we at the end of the road? No, we are at the beginning. But a war, cold or hot, will not make things better about this, and it will certainly make things worse for a hundreds of millions chinese. So if your intention is to make things better, than the militaristic or even economic pressure just isn't rational.

And also, I mentioned that the US has no problem with Saudi Arabia. Saudi's de facto leader Mohammed bin Salman defended these camps.

Yes he probably defended camps because China buys a lot of Saudi oil.  Also China probably supplies Saudi Arabia weapons so they can bomb more food markets and schools in Yemen.

I believe US should stay out of most conflicts because apparently my country does more harm then good usually.  I don't mind seeing China or others try take role in policing world because they will probably fail just like we did.  Maybe not as bad.

I don't think the world need policing. At least I don't think it is benefitial. And I don't want the Chinese government in the role as world police as well. Luckily so far they don't seem interested in the job.

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