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Alistair said:

I am on fire today. Take a look at the front page of this website:

Switch can't even match the 3DS never mind the DS in Japan, and Japan is Switch's top market. 3DS plus Wii U outsold the Switch. That is a fail. Leaving a market and conceding defeat is not a sign of strength. The Switch is universally hated by Nintendo home console lovers. It is selling to the old market, the same people who bought their mobile hardware (which I've never bought).

Also, if you want to know how much you should actually be paying for a Switch home console, look at the new version of the nVidia shield. It is selling for $130 at the store near my home. The new model. So considering nVidia's profit margins are much higher than Nintendo's, I'm sure Nintendo can sell a home console version of the Switch for $130 also. But they shouldn't. They should make it 3x faster first and make it $199 instead.

Switch might not beat the 3DS in Japan, but it is beating the PS4 worldwide. Well, that must be enough, the beast 3DS is too strong.

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