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Kristof81 said:

I'm not sure if this was mentioned previously, but the increase in the number of infections, resembles the Fibonacci sequence. So I created my own, compared with the actual data and made some predictions. It's based on only first two numbers (hence why they're the same).

Let me know if you want me to update those numbers in few days time. 

Well, Fibonacci is an exponential sequence and something like an epidemic you expect to show exponential growth in the beginning. Nevertheless, this is useful. You calibrated it with early numbers and now have a good broad prediction. If the real cases start to diverge strongly lower or above, this indicates then a new phase in the infection. It goes lower, the infection probably met boundaries to it's growth, either naturally (geography, natural resistance) or artificial (measurements for epidemic containment like quarantine, medication). If it goes higher, it indicates a new phase, maybe a mutation or overcoming something like natural resistance or infecting more different populations. Therefore this comparison might be helpful to catch such changes or to gauge the effect of measures taken to stop the infection.

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