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#6 Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE
guessed by S.Peelman
platform WiiU
release year 2015
developer/publisher Atlus
genre turn based RPG
links Wikipedia
past years 2018: #6

And because we need more great Atlus-RPGs, here is another one: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. This game was announced pretty early in this big Nintendo Direct, with which they wanted to save the WiiU. But it was at that point very early in development, and it took ages until it released. The general idea was a crossover between Shin Megami Tensei (if you didn't noticed: Tokyo Mirage Sessions is reverting the shortcut SMT) and Fire Emblem. The result is an awesome RPG.

Basically you are this Tokyo highschooler, who is starting his career as an idol. You meet with other idols and learn about singing and dancing for fans. But this all is a facade: all these idols are fighting evil mirages, that suck the creative energy called Performa out of people. These mirages come from another world. But you also find otherworldly help. Chrom, Tiki and other Fire Emblem characters are joining your team and helping you out. With their help you explore dungeon set up by evil mirages on Tokyo landmarks and fight mighty foes.

The fighting system is one of the most interesting systems I ever saw in an RPG. Presentation wise it is set up as a show for otherworldly ghosts, you fight for their entertainment in an arena. You can attack in many ways, but if you hit elemental weaknesses of your enemies, a connected character can follow up and this way chaining attacks into a session.This adds a layer of tactics into the game.

The areas in which you find battles are these strange labyrinths, set up by the mirages. They are built with elements from present day japanese culture. These are mazes with puzzles, shortcuts and other stuff. Just like you expect from Atlus level design.

Between these labyrinths you wander through contemporary Japan while progressing with the story. This involves a lot of everyday stuff, including the usage of the WiiU gamepad as smartphone with a messenger which show messages from other characters in the game.

You also bond with Fire Emblem characters, who are lending their powers to you and enabling you to fight the mirages. As you strengthen your bond, your powers and abilities grow.

This is an excellent game, and luckily people soon have another chance to experience it, as it gets ported to Switch.

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