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#8 Xenoblade Chronicles
guessed by Keybladewielder
platform Wii
release year 2010
developer/publisher Monolith Soft/Nintendo
genre action RPG
links Wikipedia
past years 2018: #7
2017: #6

Xenoblade Chronicles holds the magic of exploration in a unique setting and with an engaging story. This is one of the great masterpiece on the Wii. It is also magic, how the relatively low spec hardware on Wii was able to create such an incredibly big world.

As the game in the intro showed me these giants and zoomed in to show all the creatures living there, the people living there, the different biomes, in that moment I was already won over by this game. In each new region you can look around and see hints that indicate which part of the titan you're currently on. And this is awesome. This is especially true, if you go to the leg the first time and these gigantic plains open to you - and you realize that is only one leg. That is awe inspiring.

Although I am usually more a fan of turn based RPG, this battle system works quite well and gives a lot of depth. Especially when you learn how Melia's attacks work, this is pretty cool. The story is is an incredible epic tale, of fighting gods and the fate of humanity.

This is an incredible game, a timeless classic and it is no wonder people were excited about the announcement of the Definitve Edition on Switch. I know I was.

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