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#44 Valkyria Chronicles 4
guessed by forest-spirit
platform Switch
release year 2018
developer/publisher Sega
genre turn-based tactic RPG
links Wikipedia
past years 2018: #50

Valkyria Chronicles was a series I never tried, until it came with this entry to the Switch. Before release I started to take an interest and learned that it might be very well to my liking. And so it was!

I like deep tactical gameplay, which is why I prefer usually turn-based gameplay over action gameplay, as the faster paced variant has to be cooked down a bit to make it possible to make faster decisions. But Valkyria Chronicles is actually turn-based gameplay with a lot of deep decision making. The game only uses some tricks to hide the fact. So you can move freely - until you have eaten up your alloted movement for the turn. Also seemingly stuff happens in sound and visually - but if you take notice, this doesn't actually have any effect until the turn moves forward.

So yes, this is turn-based gameplay dressed up to look more like real time. And this is fun! I have the deep decision-making but with more adrenaline as the action seems to go forward.

Also the 3D-view is usually a thing that I would think brings less overview helping my decision. But I do have a map-overview too and the 3D-view give you many visual helpers to help make the right decisions. This is a well thought through interface.

The setting is a fictional setting, which is inspired by europe and World War One. The characters are likable and in their history and actions understandable and each has their own unique character.

Visually the game creates very beatiful images with the style of hand-drawn colored images. This is very nice and I do like a less realistic style very much, if it is done well with artistic intention, which is clearly the case here.

Overall this is a well-made package for a fan of tactical games like me.

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