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#48 Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
guessed by TruckOSaurus
platform Wii
release year 2007
developer/publisher Capcom
genre adventure, puzzle
links Wikipedia
past years 2018: #44
2017: #38

Zack&Wiki is a wacky adventure, very much in the style of classical point-and-click adventures (which I am a big fan of), but utilizing the Wiimote for many actions in the game. It not only copies the gameplay style from old Lucas Arts adventures, it features also the crazy humour. And it casts even a pirate boy in the main role, as the legendary Monkey Island series. But it is not a simple rip-off, art-style, story, the puzzles and their solutions, the use of the Wiimote and the cast of characters make this their very own great adventure game. #capcomdidgood

The game features Zack, a young pirate that is the main character you play and Wiki, his flying monkey companion. You will solve in each stage puzzles with the environment, often mimicking with the Wiimote the action Zack is doing. One main feature is, that you can startle enemies by turning Wiki into a bell and ring it to make a noise. This move will turn the enemies into useful items, that are often needed to solve the puzzle at hand.

In the course of the adventure you search for treasure items from the legendary pirate captain Barbaros that in turn complete his skeleton. You also meet a bunch of other characters, mostly pirates hunting for treasure too.

The game was a fun experience which is pretty much a must-play for classical adventure fans. Sadly it only sold 420K, which makes it unlikely that Capcom will port it to newer platforms (Switch). But it would be pretty nice if Capcom remembered they had this little gem in their catalog and give it a rerelease.

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