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Cerebralbore101 said:
Mnementh said:

Game #38

Hint 1: A pirate and his moneky!

Hint 2: The monkey can apparently fly.


Zack and Wiki

As guessed by Cerebralbore, my next game is Zack&Wiki.

Zack&Wiki is an adventure game with - what else - pirates. Because pirates are the best. This is basically an usual adventure game, you have to solve puzzles to advance the story. The things special are the use of the Wiimote and the humour. You use items in this game by moving the Wiimote like you would move the object in question.

Also you have Wiki that strange flying monkey that turns into a bell if you shake the Wiimote and turns creatures into useful items. Every pirate needs such a companion. Wiki is actuallythe one commenting everything you do and has sometimes a strange view on things.

Well, what to say much, it is a lot of fun to play. Actually, writing about it and searching screenshot and video makes me want to play it again. Let's look if my Wiimote has a working battery in it...

Sadly the game was cursed with bad sales. This pretty much makes a sequel or even a remake (Switch has Joycons that would work too) very unlikely.

Wikipedia, MobyGames, OGDB, IGDB

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