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#50 Dillon's Rolling Western
guessed by RingoGaSuki
platform 3DS
release year 2012
developer/publisher Vanpool/Nintendo
genre tower defense/action
links Wikipedia

Through reshuffling now Dillon rolls into the TOP 50 (out of my honorable mentions from 2017).

This game has a good mix from tower defense elemts with action, it can get quite stressful and difficult at times, but never unfair or overwhelming. This all is combined with strange characters and cute artstyle. It feels very good to roll over the plains and try to get all important stuff done in time before the attacks. And then to fight the monster hordes which threatens the most to break through.

To save the villages from getting their livestock eaten by the rock monsters you roll what you can and meet all the objectives.

Dillon's Rolling Western was the perfect little downloadable title to round out the 3DS-liibrary. Apparently it was successful enough for Nintendo, as the game got two successor: The Last Ranger and Dead Heat Breakers.

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