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Bandorr said:
Mnementh said:

(1) But still the US wants to extradite him. So why?

(2) Wikileaks denied having their sources from Russia. There is no proof to the contrary. Even if Russia hacked Clintons email, it doesn't mean they are the source for Wikileaks. But that's all besides the point. The point here is: the emails were real and the public should know about their content, as it was of interest for the public. Next we need Trumps email.

He didn't hack any governmental computers and it is not even his government, as he isn't american.

Trump asks for the e-mails from Russia.  Wikileaks corroborates with Trump junior over said e-mails.

Yet you doubt the Russia to wikileaks connection?

And you are fine with getting the e-mails no matter the legality of it, or the affect it had on the election?

So are you basically just another "but her e-mails"?

I am not sure how much the contents of the emails really had on the election. But think about one thing: if the emails were released following a court order instead of leaked, would that be different? If yes why? I mean, the content has the same relevance. People focus way to much on the how the emails were released instead of the content themself. I don't think they were incredibly bad for Clinton, but they were another little thing among many other things that showed how bad a candidate Clinton really was.

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