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#8 Ōkami
guessed by Darashiva
platform PS2/Wii/Switch
release year 2006
developer/publisher Clover Studios/Capcom
genre action adventure
links Wikipedia
last year  #12

Okami is just one of the most beatiful games ever made. This is the reason it works so incredibly well even after 12 years.

It is not just the cell-shaded art-style. It is the way nature is restored through your actions. It is how the humans fit in so well with the nature.

Gameplay is classic Zelda-like action adventure and it works great. The movements of the wolf-form the sun-goddess Amaterasu is in are that fluid and feel that great, that is is pure joy to run over the landscape and fight demons.

Whoever didn't try the game or one of the countless remaster: what is wrong with you?

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