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mZuzek said:
Mnementh said:

game #12
Hint 1: Play as a goddess and fight an old beast.

Probably not, but... Okami?

mZuzek is probably... correct. My game #12 is Okami.

Okami is the best Zelda-game ever made (ohoh, now hates me half this board I think). The artstyle is absolutely awesome, the story is pretty good (based on classical sagas), the fighting is great, the gameplay also outside the fights works pretty well. All in all a great package. I absolutely loved the wolf-from in Twilight Princess, but Okami made it even better. The classical Zelda-items are replaced by the divine brush, which works great as well.

Sadly the sales for this title were too bad. Clover Studio was disbanded after this. Many of the staff ended up in Platinum Games which made a big name for themself since then.

Back to Okami. The sun-goddess Ameratasu once fought in Wolf-form the beast Orochi. Since then she fell into a slumber. A tree spirit awakes her as Orochi once again puts the world in danger. So the player takes the controls for Ameratasu and frees again the land of the beast. This isn't that easy obviously, so you in for a great game.

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