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#22 UFO: Enemy Unknown
guessed by Darashiva
platform DOS
release year 1994
developer/publisher Mythos Games/MicroProse
genre turn-based strategy
links Wikipedia
last year  #21

UFO was strategy bliss back in the day. I remember I played and played and just like that it became bright again - I had just pulled an all-nighter. This game had base build-up, research and crafting in real-time, but for fights it changed into turn-based mode. And everything could be controlled. You see in this screenshot the staggering amount of buttons. Environment was destructible. Enemy was fortified in a building? Blow it up!

The aliens had mean tricks up their sleeves. Mind-controlling aliens. Aliens that walked up to you people and layed an egg in them - they died and turned into another one of these aliens. Nearly indestructible aliens. Floating aliens. But you could bring back what you found and set the researchers onto that. And after research you could use the alien tricks against them.

This game was and is so much fun.

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