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Mnementh said:

So, catched up a bit on the game descriptions. Now we need more games to guess.

a) Gameplay switches between real-time strategy building up your bases and turn-based fights.
b) The real-time part presents you with the earth in globe view, with the possibility to rotate and zoom.
c) Recruit your soldiers from all over the world.
d) This game had destructible environments and multilayered 3D levels at a time in which that was not usual.

a) This entry of the long going series actually sold the most.
b) It's - as you could guess with me - a turn-based strategy game with RPG elements.

a) This was a surprising revival of a series that was dormant for 20 years.

a) The same series as #21, this was a direct sequel of an earlier entry on a new console generation.

a) This mixed one of the oldest RPG-series with the gameplay of a very popular game, which allowed forming the game world in nearly unlimited ways.

22: UFO: Enemy Unknown?