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#42 Pokémon Omega Ruby
guessed by S.Peelman
platform 3DS
release year 2014
developer/publisher Game Freak/Nintendo
genre turn-based RPG
links Wikipedia
last year  #29

Pokemon is a great series of classic turn-based roleplaying combined with collecting everything. These games are fun. I started late into Pokemon, I never played them on Gameboy or even DS. Only with X/Y I started into the world of Pokemon - and I liked it. As I can be strongly into collecting it breaks me trying to get all.

Omega Ruby makes the list, because of the Pokemon games it works best for me. I had the most fun with this remake of all Pokemon games I played. It is that simple. Also the story was fresh for me, as I never played the original. I don't know, the story, the elements like the Pokedex or sneaking up on a Pokemon, this all just works so well. And it also has the modernized engine of X/Y.

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