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Mnementh said:

game #29

Hint 1: Everything land or everything water, which is too much?

Hint 2: The wise tree leading you in this game is Birch.

Arminillo said:

#29 is Pokemon RSE

The game #29 is Pokemon Omega Ruby. Arminillo guessed the original of this remake, so this is close enough.

I started into Pokemon with X/Y, so very late. Pokemon is great, although not at the top of my RPG-list. But of the few Pokemons I played so far, I liked Omega Ruby the most. This is because it uses the modern engine of X/Y, but has everything else better. I liked to sneak to a Pokemon for instance. The overall story and the design just clicked more with me, I had really fun with this game. This probably stems from the original game Ruby/Sapphire. But with modernized graphic and controls and access to Pokebank (which is great).

As a note I want to say, that Pokemon is one of the few modern RPGs that has a design much close to the original sources of video-game-RPG: pen and paper, more concrete D&D. At least in the mechanics. But Pokemon is great hiding this fact. In classic RPG you create a party with friends, everyone choosing another class. You have your warrior, the rogue, a cleric and a bard for instance. Pokemon is the same, only this time the party consists of Pikachi, Geckarbor and Serpifeu (I played in german, so the english names may differ). But the basic concept is the same of the D&D party.

Nevertheless, Pokemon Omega Ruby gave me some great hours on my 3DS, so it made the list.

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