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#43 Hyrule Warriors
guessed by Flilix
platform WiiU/Switch
release year 2014
developer/publisher Omega Force/Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo
genre hack and slash
links Wikipedia
last year  #27

Normally I'm more a fan of slow, turn-based games than action. But Hyrule Warriors for some reason works for me very well. I sunk a lot of time in it on WiiU and picking it up on Switch I started to dive in again. It is just so relaxing slaying through a horde of enemies.

I tried other Warriors game, Warriors Orochi and Fire Emblem Warriors namely, but I have problems because mostly all troops are looking the same, so that I found myself whacking away at my own troops and wondering why I don't do any damage. Also I often lose orientation, as all the surroundings are just more or less generic castles. Hyrule Warriors on the other hand has colorful surroundings, very different troop types and memorable landmarks.

And this game is packed with content. You basically can play forever. The Switch version even added more content on top. This is incredible.

I'm also aware the game also released on 3DS. But this is one of the few cases, there the small screen is destroying the experience. Hyrule Warriors needs to be played on a HD-console.

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