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#45 Hotel Dusk: Room 215
guessed by forest-spirit
platform DS
release year 2007
developer/publisher Cing
genre point-and-click adventure
links Wikipedia
last year  #31

I am a fan of point-and-click adventures. Especially the old-school ones. There was a phase than this genre seemed dead. Thankfully recently a lot of indies are going back to the genre and developing it further. But ten years ago it was rather unusual. The small company Cing though took up on the task and produced some point-and-click adventures for console. Sadly Cing was going out of business later, but for some time they brought back adventure goodness.

From their games I liked Hotel Dusk: Room 215 very much (although all of them are recommendable). It has simple puzzles, but more of the time talking to people and uncovering the secrets of the past. Every in-game hour you make a conclusion of what you learned in a little quiz.

The hand-drawn graphics, the holding the DS like a book and other stuff made this really something else.

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