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#46 The Curious Expedition
guessed by no one
platform Linux
release year 2016
developer/publisher Maschinen-Mensch
genre turn-based expedition simulation
links game website
last year  #36

This little indie-game is surprisingly much fun. The premise is, that you play an well-known explorer or scientist and get tasked by the Explorers Society to go on six expeditions. Other members of the society do it too, and whoever gains the most fame gets a sculpture. So you explore six different regions in competition with different groups. You recruit people for your trek (or just a dog or a donkey) and go exploring. The regions are generated randomly, so each playthrough is different. In exploring the landscape you have a lot of events, like encounters with native people, atacks by wild animals, shrines, interesting spots in the nature and so on.

Everything you do has consequences, it might decrease or increase your standing with the natives or make an volcano erupt. In each region you search for the golden pyramid. But every step, every action also costs your group sanity, and if the sanity is dropping below zero bad stuff happens. Luckily chocolate and whiskey helps you keep sanity.

3DS-FC: 4511-1768-7903 (Mii-Name: Mnementh), Nintendo-Network-ID: Mnementh, Switch: SW-7706-3819-9381 (Mnementh)

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