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Mnementh said:

game #36

Hint 1: Keep your sanity and gain fame.

Hint 2: Play as Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla, Amelia Earhart or many other famous explorers or scientists.

Hint 3: The golden pyramid awaits you!

Hint 4: The expeditions are generated randomly.

Hint 5: Will you stay safe, or will the curiosity overwhelm you?

Sadly nobody guessed this game. It is The Curious Expedition.

This little but fun game let you choose a famous explorer or scientist and go on an expedition. The motivation is, that the scientific society wants to build a statue in honour of their most famous member. Your chosen character is among them, but others compete for the title. So you go on six expeditions with increasing difficulty to gain more fame than your competitors.

In each expedition your goal is to find the Golden Pyramid. The area is randomly generated. Your main resource is sanity, that goes down on moving through the jungle/desert/mountains/... or on some special occasion. The expedition is filled with encounters. So you might find a temple with some treasures. You can take the treasures that may give you more fame or money (for the next expedition) on return, but it might also have bad consequences.

The game is kinda hard, but short and fun enough to try again and again. And each game plays differently, there are a lot of interesting events sprinkled in.

The game is available on different download-platforms and is not expensive. So if you have $15 to spend and like such games, you might head over to GOG or Steam and get it.

MobyGames, OGDB, IGDB

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