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#47 Ys VIII:Lacrimosa of Dana
guessed by Darashiva
platform Switch
release year 2015
developer/publisher Nihon Falcom/NIS America
genre action RPG
links Wikipedia

And another game from a series I tried for the first time on Switch. Ys VIII combines real time battles with the exploration of this vast island, finding the passengers from the shipwreck, building a village for the outcasts and defending it against attacks from wild beasts. The story is set in the universe of the Ys series, but brings the characters to an island which no one ever left. It is filled with monsters of all sorts, including Primordials which were believed to be extinct. Exploring the island and reaching the regions you saw before from afar is very satisfying. The game mixes in many sidesteps to keep the gaming fresh, including a murder mystery. A very enjoyable game.

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