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Mnementh said:

Damn it, is nobody guessing my #46 and #47? As I don't have time to write the articles about the games yet, I give another hint.

a) Shipwrecked at this cursed island.
b) Explore the island to find castaways from the shipwreck to add more members to your party or get new functionality out of the basic settlement of the survivors from the shipwreck, that you help set up.
c) How can be Primordials on this island? They are extinct!
d) Strange dreams about this girl.
e) The ship Lombardia is travelling the Gaete Sea as it is attacked by a gigantic underwater creature that sinks the ship and scatters the passengers on the Isle of Seiren.
e) This is the game with number VIII in the series of adventures of one Adol Christin.

a) Exploration on a hex-grid.
b) Play as well-known explorers or scientists from the past.
c) Be the first to find the golden pyramid.
d) You can discover lot's of strange sites and objects in this indie game.
e) Start your expedition to satisfy your curiosity.
e) You choose one explorer from names like Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, H.P. Lovecraft, Nikola Tesla, Amelia Earhart, Roald Amundsen, Ada Lovelace and others.

#47: Ys VIII. Haven't played that entry in the series so didn't realize until you wrote the character's name what you were talking about.

#46: I've had a feeling since your second hint on this one that I should know the game, but I just can't figure out it's name. Don't want to just use google either. I think I've read a review of that game recently, but the name still escapes me.