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I think I should chime in with some recommendations of my own. Let's start with some good Nindies that were on WiiU and were ported over to Switch. Ah heck, let's make it a TOP 5. In this post I put the first game, four more posts will follow. The placement does not have to say much, I thought them all interesting.

So, let's start with Human Resource Machine.

Maybe I'm a little biased, because I'm a programmer, but these game is presenting simple programming as a riddle or puzzle. And instead of a computer executing your program, it is done by a little office worker, that is busy like a ant following very simple instructions. If your program is correct (does what management wants) you get promoted to the next floor, if it is wrong you can through it step by step to look where it goes awry. If the normal challenges aren't enough, you get additional challenges in side-tracks that are considerably harder, also you can try to create a very small (few instructions) or very fast (fewer steps) program.

It was very fun, kept my brain busy to make out the solutions. Also sprinkled in is a very strange story (well, it's no big story, but you have cut-scenes from time to time which add together to some plot). The art style is strange, very common for games by Kyle Gabler and Tomorrow corporation; the challenges are fun and it so great to look at your worker running from one side of the room to the other completing inane tasks.

I haven't played or bought it on Switch yet, as I completed the game on WiiU and have so much else to play on Switch. But if you missed the game so far and like puzzles or riddles, this might be for you.

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