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Sooo... Taiko Drum Master now conquering the Switch.

A thing I noticed, in the german chart (but only there), Captain Toad has an incredible hold which brings it to the top of the chart missing any other significant release. Anyone knows the reason?

Also, Sonic Mania has apparently it's normal release, not only a special edition. Sells a bit better on Switch than PS4, XBox One version is trailing behind.

Oh, and while Lego Incredibles launched better on PS4 it seems to have better legs now on Switch. May be an interesting fight in the long run.

SKMBlake said:
As expected, Crash is selling way better on the Switch than the Xbox One.

But a lot worse than on PS4. I actually expected the Switch-version to be closer to release-sales of PS4, as Platformers do usually very well on Switch, even as late ports. But seemingly Crash is still associated strongly with Playstation.

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