I just saw the results for the financial year 2017 for Sony, and realized the PS4 has officially peaked. On page 9 you see the sales of the PS4, and it states, in FY 2016 it sold 20M, in FY 2017 it sold 19M and the forecast for FY 2018 is 16M. So the shipments has slightly dropped and Sony expecting it to drop further. So PS4 is over it's peak.

This does not mean doom, it is the normal life-cycle, but it is a big deal for a sales website, as it helps determine the final outcome. So, what do you think with this information, how much will PS4 have sold after everything is said and done? And when do you expect PS5?

I personally think PS4 will go past 100M, but I'm not sure it clears 110M. And I still think a normal 6-year-cycle with a release of PS5 at the end of 2019 seems likely. That is still 1 and a half year away.

EDIT: Thinking about it, my prediction for 100M-110M is probably off. I thought about it, and with this projection from Sony PS4 is at 95M in April 2019 and the next financial year should be around 10M, so 105M. The last 5M should be possible. So with some more thought into this, I think the 110M-120M window is more realistic.

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