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totalwar23 said:
Mnementh said:

If they would've have nothing to offer in this regard, the answer would look like Netflix and stuff. But they say they have nothing to announce. This more says to me they keep features regarding Online/Virtual Console and so on under covers to reveal at a later point.

These are basic housekeeping things for a console. Imagine if Microsoft is unwilling to say whether your Xbox Live account will transfer over from the Xbox 360. They're not special features, they're suppose to be the norm and it is disappointing that Nintendo can't even keep up with the basics. For instance, how do you lose the ability to stream Netflix in the evolution from the Wii U to the Switch? Things are suppose to progress, not regress.

Oh, clearly this stuff will be revealed before release. No doubt about it, they cannot hold back talking about main features like online, until the gamers see them for themself. No, there will be another press release. But for now they are secretive about it.

And the streaming thing: These apps have to be developed. Probably not a high priority for Netflix and other. Keep in mind, not Nintendo is developing this apps.

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