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zero129 said:
Does this game allow you to use the circle pad pro??, how is the controls if not?, i read in a few places that it's ment to be awkward to control but i don't think i seen anything about being able to use the circle pad pro as i'd imagine that would fix some of the problems??. Anyway i'll try the demo before i buy the game.

The Circle Pad Pro is only used for lefthanded play I heard (don't own one myself). The normal controls are moving Pit with the circle-pad, fire with the L-button and use the stylus to target (I totally hear Palutena in my head saying these words as I write it). Some people complain, because a) you have to hold the 3DS with one hand (because the right is holding the stylus) and b) with big hands they get uncomfortable because the circle-pad and the L-button are to near to each other. The first problem can be reduced with the stand or simply by resting the 3DS on your knees, or the table or whatever. If you encounter the second problem, you should try enable auto-fire, that helps as you don't have to press L so often.

The controls are fine with me, targeting with the stylus is fast and accurate. But more control-options wouldn't hurt. You actually can play without the stylus, if you press and hold the R-button the circle-pad also moves the targeting-pointer. Stylus is naturally faster.

 I don't know if and then a demo of this game will be available.

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