Seriously, this is the most addictive game I've ever played. I found it on newgrounds HERE, but I think the main site for it is actually at Armor Games.
Armor Games is also where you're going to find the Level Editor, which is perhaps the most addicting feature of this game, provided enough support for it comes through. I only came across this game back on the 10th, and I've already created a dozen unique levels, basically averaging more than a single level every day.

Seppukuties is a physics based game with a twist; suicide is actually a game mechanic.
The basic plot is that you are controlling a group of adorable forest creatures who have lost their home from deforrestization (no, this isn't an EPA awareness asskiss, but more of a parody of it) and now must find a new home. The destination is "Paradise Meadows, and you must navigate them through various deadly obstacles in order to beat each level. However, there may be obstacles that cannot be navigated safely, and some of your animals may have to be sacrificed in order to complete the level.
The basic game is incredibly fun. For those people who dislike the "overlycute" appearance of the forrest creatures, they can have fun guiding them into horrible traps and watching them explode, and those that actually do like the animals can take pleasure keeping as many as posible from dying in each level.
There are 21 levels of varying difficulty. For those starting off, just completing a level may be enough of a challenge, but as skill increases, the focus may change to getting a A rank on each level (which is based on the number of acorns gathered and the number of lives lost), and then even more skilled players may try to complete each level with the smallest number of sacrifices possible and in as little amount of time as possible.

However, eventually people may get tired of these levels, and want a bit more out of the game. For this, the game designer was thoughtful enough to provide the "builder" button, which allows you to punch in a text-based code to play custom levels. This textcode is typically generated by creating a level in the Level Editor I linked to. This code can be used by anyone, allowing levels to be shared through simple copy and paste.
The level editor is very simple to use. I was able to build some incredibly complex levels after only a few hours of tinkering around in the editor. You can test your level between making modifications, and there are three slots that you can save levels to, along with an autosave slot. Of course, you can also load other custom levels using the textcode for it, same as the actual game.

The only real problem is there's not really an official place, either in game or out, that really acts to support the custom levels and let people get feedback on them. It's sorta like Nintendo Friend codes as it is now; there's no automatic way to do it easily, so people just kinda have to make their own ways and find someplace to share codes.
This is actually my primary reason for posting about this game here. It's awesome, and when you combine it with the level editor, it's almost like a 2D Little Big Planet on crack. (I'd be more confident in saying that if I had ever gotten a chance in playing LBP, but I'm pretty sure it's close to that)


Anyway, please play the game, post what you think about it and if you're interested in trying out some more challenging and interesting levels than what come prepackaged with the game. Also post some of your own levels. I've gathered up as many custom levels as I can find, but there are still only a handfull of gems that stand out so far.


Grey Acumen's Levels:

Gauntlet 1 and Gauntlet 2

Dive, Push, Die, Climb, Jump

Revolving Doors & Lifts

Heavy Sacrifice


Going Up, Up, Up

Safety Cage

Amazing Push

Twin Purposes

Elements of Chaos

More Coming Soon

Grey Acumen's Hacked Levels:


Corpse Hurler

More Coming Soon

Other Levels:

LOL Underground

Driven Ins Hane


The Crusher

Unfair World



Twin Purposes

More Coming Soon


I'm providing a key for the types of challenge that different levels will provide:

Quick Start - The game has some feature which require some sort of immediate action upon beginning the level.

Quick Reaction - Fast reaction required to navigate some obstacle or hazard successfully

Key Order - Keys can be obtained in multiple orders, but only the correct order will allow the level to be completed successfully

Key Timing - Collecting a Key too early or too late can have negative results, possibly making the level unbeatable.

Jumping Accuracy - the level has difficult jumps that are either very high/far or require landing on a very small area in order to complete successfully.

Hazard Pushing - Ways must be found to interact with objects that would otherwise result in death.

Obstacle Use - Ways must be found to use obstacles, either to move them out of the way or into place, or to perform some task with them.

Corpse Use - Corpses can be used for a variety of purposes. Figuring out how and doing it successfully is the challenge

Blind Navigation - in order to transverse the level, you must actually step outside of the window area that can be viewed.

Broken World - occasionally, the physics engine in the game works in VERY unusual ways that may hinder or even help you progress through a level, but here it's a case of "we meant to do that"

NARP - No A Rank Possible, this must have very specific reasons to be allowed under my guidelines, an overall A rank should at LEAST be obtainable, even if only barely

Seppukuties is like LBP Lite, on crack. Play it already!

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