You can do a LOT of amazing things with seppukuties, the level editor is really incredibly flexible. However it's not perfect, and there are certain things that it just won't let you do. That doesn't necessarily mean that those things are impossible to do though.

As it turns out, every seppukuties level text code is not encoded at all. This means that it is possible through experimentation to piece together what each individual letter and number in that character string means. This also means that you can directly modify the code, sometimes even breaking rules that the Seppukuties level editor enforces.

Well, it'll be easier to just show you:

Factory - Avg Time: 25 seconds, Par: 1(0 possible), Acorns: 0
Challenge - Key Timing, Jumping Accuracy


Seppukuties is like LBP Lite, on crack. Play it already!

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